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Large Hovercraft
Second Hovercraft This hovercraft is a big improvement from the first one, however is still easy to construct.  This craft was originally designed for a science project by myself with some help from my fellow classmate Steve Rechenmacher.  We wanted to build a low-cost (around $70 not including engines) craft that would be able to steer well and be capable of reasonable speed.  After much designing, we indeed came up with a design; this was the result.

The craft was recently featured on the front page cover and I got an article in the, "Australian Hovercraft News" magazine. The magazine is volume 3 No. 25. Here is the cover You can view the article here

This remarkable little craft can hover over land, water, just about anything.  It cruses at a comfortable 25mph over land and it relatively easy to handle. The craft uses a leaf blower for lift and a weed whacker engine for propulsion (a lawnmower engine can be used if more power is desired).    
Below is some information, pictures, progress details, etc.
  • Photos
  • Body Construction
  • Skirt Construction
  • Propulsion Progress

To the right are some example cad drawings from the plans:


Example of a customer's finished craft:

Click to Enlarge

Thought I would drop you a jpg of a hovercraft I built for my 12yr old daughter based entirely on  We needed a project to keep us busy during the summer, I was thinking to build a gokart till I fell upon your site.

So a great Big Thank you!
Dean Fensand Mesa, AZ

P.S. - plenty more pics and info if you're interested, just reply back.
Best regards. dean. 2005-04-14

Click here to see more finished crafts from customers!

The plans walk you through step-by-step, showing you how to build the entire craft.  They are very illustrated and include more than enough dimensions and explanations for the average person to build.  If you encounter any confusion just send us email and we will walk you through it step by step.

Plans are available.  If interested  Please click here.

Photos of the completed craft:

Body Construction

The hovercraft body is made out of 1/4 inch plywood sheeting.  The pieces are cut out to the desired dimensions.   There is also an air chamber that was constructed. The blower will be blowing the air into this, and then the air will be distributed underneath the craft.

The PVC was used to distribute the air evenly, however it was later discovered this PVC was not necessary.

Skirt Construction

Two different style skirts were actually implemented in the construction of the craft.  The first skirt was segmented, but turned out not to work too well for the reason that it created a lot of drag.  The second design, the one shown here, worked very well.  The skirt material was found at an army surplus store. It is camouflage colored waterproof nylon.  The skirt was sewn and then the seems were sealed with seem-sealer so the air could not escape from the skirt.  This style skirt we used turned out to be quite effective.  The craft hovers about six inches off the ground and can clear large objects.

Propulsion Construction

The 24" propeller in the rear of the craft is what produces propulsion. The propeller is powered by a two stroke tweed whacker engine. Sense the hovercraft is almost frictionless, it takes little force to move the craft. There are rudders mounted in the rear of the hovercraft near the propeller. The rudders direct the air to one side or the other, which turn the craft to either side.

Plans are available.  If interested  Please click here.

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