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People just like you who built hovercrafts from xinventions.

See the builders showcase with lots of pictures and comments of customers who built hovercrafts.  Click here!

Hovercrafts are a blast; If you have never ridden one you don't know what you are missing.  When you ride the craft you'll have a floating sensation you'll never forget.  They're great for science projects or just having some fun.  Here are a couple hovercrafts that I have made. You can view pictures and various information on each hovercraft by clicking on the links below or left.  Also, there is some brief information on the two hovercrafts below.

Andy - founder

NEW: Using fluid dynamics now you can solve for what size blower you might need for a certain sized craft.  Click here for details!

Small hovercraft

The first, smaller hovercraft was made from a vacuum cleaner engine  and some plywood. It can lift up to 200 pounds. The bad thing about this hovercraft is that it has an extension cord running from it and it's quite small. It also is unable to run on water. However this is a great introductory craft and is great for a science fair project or just some fun!

Large hovercraft

The second, larger craft is about twice as big as the first (7ft by 4ft) and takes a more sleek, longer shape. It runs off a gas powered blower so riding on water is possible. A 2 stoke weed whacker engine with a 24 inch propeller is used to propel the craft wherever desired.  The craft rides on a cushion of air about six inches  off the ground and is a blast to ride.

July 20, 1999' This hovercraft got published in an article. "Australian Hovercraft News" magazine.  You can view it here.
February 26, 1999' This hovercraft was featured on the front page cover of the, "Australian Hovercraft News" magazine. The magazine is volume 3 No. 25. You can see the scanned cover here. The hovercraft in the lower portion of the cover.

Makers: All Kinds of People Making Amazing Things In Their Backyard, Basement or Garage by Bob Parks. The 184 page hardcover book features a unique collection of resourceful people and the amazing projects they undertake in their backyards, basements and garages.  You can pick up the book at any Barnes & Noble.  Publisher: O'Reilly Media, Inc.  Click here for more info about the book!

Here are some current projects that are in development here at Xinventions.  These projects will be released to the public in the future as stated below:


Fully automatic potato cannon.
  This air cannon is capable of firing potatoes at a rate of 2-3 per second.  It will have a CO2 hook up for portability and will be the first of its kind.  Prospective release date:
No Set Date (Near future)

More to come.  Please feel free to email us with your suggestions.

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  Recent News
  Plans for the gas powered hovercraft are available.  Be sure to take a look.  There is also an all new forum up now to discuss whatever topics you may desire.
  All new P.A.C. 6 is now here.  It is a first ever, high-powered semi-automatic air cannon.  Check it out!

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