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Small Hovercraft
This is a picture of the first hovercraft.  From this model the second, larger hovercraft was constructed.  This craft moves by shifting your weight from side to side.  Lift is achieved by using a simple electric powered vacuum cleaner engine.  A simple propulsion device could be mounted to give you movement. The construction price on this craft is not much at all (around $30) and is able to lift payloads up to 150lbs. 

When riding this craft you'll start to get a strange floating sensation which is quite a unique experience.  This is due to the minimal friction from the hovering. 

The plans for this craft are step-by-step and include detailed CAD drawings.  This is a good intro project to hovercrafts and also makes a great science project!  Construction cost of this craft runs around a low $30.  If you are interested in purchasing the detailed plans, please click the link bellow:

 Step-by-step Hovercraft plans available for sale  Click Here to Order

More information:

   How hovercrafts work
   Driving hovercrafts
   About the plans

Small Hovercraft 96'

Here is what our customers are saying:

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Dear xinventions,

I bought one of your plans for your first hovercraft. I just wanted to let you know that it works really well! My brother is one hundred sixty pounds and it lifts him.

Attached is a picture of the finished craft.


Steve Johnsen


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